12 - 26 October


European Freelancers Week Stockholm is a smörgåsbord of exciting workshops, seminars, meet-ups and events twisting and turning the issue of communication for creatives, artists and start-ups

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#EFWeek Stockholm has gathered some amazing speakers, thinkers and organizations to host a veritable feast of great work-shops, seminars, meet ups and events for freelancers, arts professionals. The theme for this years #EFWeek Stockholm  is communication in it's many wonderful forms
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#EFWeek is coordinated by a coalition of national freelancers’ associations in 11 European countries. In 2017, more than 100 events were held in 26 countries. SMart is proud main sponsor of European Freelancers Week

All you need to know

#EFWeek 2018 Stockholm will happen in different locations across Stockholm with our main waterhole at SMart Productionhouse, Nytorgsgatan 15A. Check each event for specific location and registration. If you have questions please feel free to call us on 08- 12200680 or email us on



STOCKmotion Filmfestival

12-13 October: STOCKmotion Filmfestival (in Swedish)

 STOCKmotion är en filmfestival där filmskapare i alla åldrar ges plats på vita duken med visionen att skapa en lustfylld rörelse kring den rörliga bilden och beröra både djupt och brett. STOCKmotion arrangeras av Film Stockholm/ Filmbasen 

Årets filmprogram tydliggör den stora bredd som finns i Stockholm just nu. Allt från humoristiskt-feministiska Konstnären får barn av Sanna Lenken - om mäns och kvinnors olika villkor för konstnärliga processer, till dokumentären Nu bor jag på en camping av Jasmijn Kooijman – om barn som försöker skapa sig ett nytt hem i Sverige, och det brännande dramat Martyren av Ahmed Abdullahi - om en mors försök att skydda sin son. I Filmhusets foajé visas också framtidens filmskapande i tävlingskategorin VR-filmer.

Här hittar du hela programmet

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Intercult Productions
Independent cultural production and resource center

15 October: Kultur som fredspipa i internationella relationer (in Swedish)

Plats: Intercults kontor (Nytorgsgatan 15 A)

När: 15 oktober 15.30 – 17.00

Access Europa bjuder in till panelsamtal den 15 oktober: Kultur är en viktig del i EU:s internationella förbindelser. 2016 beslutade EU-kommissionen om en strategi med syfte att uppmuntra kulturellt samarbete mellan EU och unionens partnerländer, samt gynna en världsordning som bygger på fred, rättssäkerhet, yttrandefrihet, ömsesidig förståelse och respekt för grundläggande värden. Hur fungerar det i praktiken? Är det möjligt att använda sig av kultur för att skapa en fredligare värld? Välkommen!

Medverkande: Rani Kasapi, enhetschef för konstarterna på Kulturdepartementet, Henrik Selin, chef för avdelningen för interkulturell dialog på Svenska Institutet och Elin Rosenström, ansvarig för Kreativa Europa Desk på Kulturrådet.

Sergei Kulikov, Anton Kalgaev och Vladislav Dreko från St. Petersburg och Arkhangelsk, som är en del av projektet Wood is Cool, kommer att presentera sitt arbete med demokratisk deltagande och urban stadsutveckling i Ryssland.

Intercult Productions

Intercult is an independent production and resource unit based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have worked in Sweden and Europe since 1996, as initiator and leader of collaborative culture projects, networks and the development of intercultural and international project competence. We take an active interest in national and European cultural policy.

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KLUMP Incubator
Incubator at Subtopia

20 October: PitchMarathon (Swedish and English)

Time: 12.30-14.30, 20th of October

Place: Subtopia,Botkyrka

In two hours, all startup companies active in KLUMP Subtopia will present their respective activities in four minutes each, as a pearl of amazing realities. Come whenever you want, and stay as long as you wish. After each presentation there are opportunities for questions and discussions in an adjoining room.

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KLUMP Incubator
Incubator at Subtopia

20 October: From idea to reality: workshop and coaching (Swedish and English)

Time: 12.30- 13.30, 20th of October

Place: Subtopia Botkyrka

In one hour, we develop your idea from half thought out to a well-planned project, using our own method. This year's theme is projects you want to do together with others in your local area. Send an email to and describe your idea with a single sentence. Limited number of seats (8 pcs), please notify in advance to to be guaranteed a seat.

KLUMP Incubator

KLUMP Subtopia is an incubator and a workspace for innovation and ideas. It is a space where entrepreneurs develop their visions into viable companies in the cultural and creative industries. KLUMP offers coaching, an affirmative environment and a flexible office.

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SMart Productionhouse
Production house for creative freelancers and projects

22 October: SMart Co-working space - Let’s co-create!

Let's co-create! SMart Productionhouse openes up for a co-working space at our offices in Södermalm. Join us for a afternoon of networking and work. Meet the advisors of our SMart-team and pitch your idéa for your next application! Get advise on administration for your cultural and creative projects and get more information on funding, fair deals and our new SMarttool - specifically aimed at producers and project managers that works with long term, cultural projects.

Europe Direct Intercult will be available to answer your questions and advise you on international funding and mobility. Don’t miss out!

When? October 22nd, 14:00 & 17:00

Where? SMart Produktionshus, Nytorgsgatan 15A

Take your chance to meet other artists and creators - at the same time as you can get advise from our SMart-team!

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Robin van Wijk
Brand Designer & Consultant

22 October: Branding for start ups CANCELLED, will be held at a later date

Time:  12 pm October the 22th

Place: SMart Productionhouse, Nytorgsgatan 15 A (T-bana Slussen)

During this workshop Robin will show the importance of branding your business the right way. What things to focus on and what you can gain from it. The workshop provides you with a set of tools and a mindset to help express the full potential of your ideas and to be competitive in the marketplace. Thinking about to whom you market, why they buy, your differentiating factor etc. Much more then just creating a logo you have to create the right balance in these tools, and tell your story well.
Most startups are facing a gap between their good idea and what it needs to reach the desired audience, or funds. With its branding consultancy Robin is focussing on bridging this gap, to transform great ideas and progressive concepts into world changing brands.

PS: Bring your lunch!


Robin van Wijk

Robin has been active in graphic design for over 10 years, working as a freelancer, creative lead in the start up scene and now starting his own business venture.

Through working for startups the last 4 years, he has been building relations and experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through his Creative Lead position, Robin was able to partake in numerous accelerators and represented the company at several events in front of investors and potential customers.

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Lina Lagerström
Social Media Coordinator

25 October: A crash course in Social Media

Time : 3 pm October the 18th

Place: SMart Productionhouse, Nytorgsgatan 15 A (T-bana Slussen)

This course will help you to get a good foundation learn the basics for social media and will be a really good start for marketing your business on Social Media. We will look closer at how to:  

+What to consider when launching Social Media 

+How to create a good presentation of your business

+Campaigns, posts and ads. 

+Structure and planning. 

The course will focus primarily on Facebook and Instagram.


Lina Lagerström

Lina Lagerström is an educated Social Media Coordinator with a background as a producer and initiator. Lina has worked with music events such as concerts, festivals and DJ courses. It was in the work of various music events that she learned the importance of being able to promote and communicate professionally on Social Media.

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Sharon Green
CEO Imagine If: Human focused learning and coaching

26 October: Sales for non-sales people

Time: 26 October 2 PM -4.30 pm

Place: SMart Productionhouse, Nytorgsgatan 15 A (T-bana Slussen)

Sales is fundamentally about relationships with other humans. It's about trust, communication and giving clients solutions rather than just selling products. In a world where time is limited and information is overwhelming we must bring value and insights to the table if we expect attention and time from our connections.

In this hands-on works-shop we do two very important things:-

1. Give people the desire to succeed.

2. The tools to make success happen.

Imagine If is devoted to creating positive change within your project and the people in it. We've created a human focused sales system called "Insight 360" that focuses on creating long term high value relationships with clients. We'll cover all aspects from Communications to Creating the right Solution that creates a human focused, sustainable process for any company or project. We have a set of Sales Management tools to help imbed the process that's really simple to use.


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